Sebastian Bordt


University of Tübingen
Department of Computer Science
Maria von Linden Str. 6
72076 Tübingen

Room: 30-5/A11
Phone: +49 (0)7071 29-70846
E-mail: sebastian.bordt(at)

I'm a recently graduated Ph.D. student, supervised by Ulrike von Luxburg. I currently work as a postdoctoral researcher.

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  • Suraj Srinivas, Sebastian Bordt, Hima Lakkaraju Which Models have Perceptually-Aligned Gradients? An Explanation via Off-ManifoldRobustness Paper NeurIPS, 2023 Spotlight
  • Sebastian Bordt, Ulrike von Luxburg ChatGPT Participates in a Computer Science Exam arxiv pre-print, 2023
  • Sebastian Bordt, Uddeshya Upadhyay, Zeynep Akata, Ulrike von Luxburg The Manifold Hypothesis for Gradient-Based Explanations, paper, Explainable AI for Computer Vision (XAI4CV) Workshop at CVPR 2023
  • Sebastian Bordt, Ulrike von Luxburg From Shapley Values to Generalized Additive Models and back, pdf, AISTATS 2023
  • Sebastian Bordt, Michèle Finck, Eric Raidl, Ulrike von Luxburg, Post-Hoc Explanations Fail to Achieve their Purpose in Adversarial Contexts, arxiv, FAccT 2022
  • Sebastian Bordt, Ulrike von Luxburg, A Bandit Model for Human-Machine Decision Making with Private Information and Opacity, arxiv, AISTATS 2022
  • Leena Chennuru Vankadara, Sebastian Bordt, Ulrike von Luxburg, Debarghya Ghoshdastidar, Recovery Guarantees for Kernel-based Clustering under Non-parametric Mixture Models, pdf, AISTATS 2021, Oral presentation


I was nominated a top reviewer at AISTATS 2022.