Funding and transparency

(last updated Jan 2024)

University funding typically works as follows: the university funds the salary of the professor and a small number of PhD students or Postdocs ("small number" typically is something between one and three). Further group members have to be funded by external sources, and it is part of the job of the group leader /professor to acquire such funding.

In an attempt towards transparency, we list below all our current and past funding sources.

Current funding

The salary of some of our group members comes either from the university or from publically funded research projects:
Our group does not receive any funding from industry (neither as salaries, stipends, honorariums or donations).

I am one of the coordinators of the CZS Center for AI and law, which is funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. The foundation pays for the salaries of the employees in this center (2024-2033). Myself or my group does not receive any funding from the foundation.

Some of the PhD students do internships in companies in order to explore options for their life after the PhD. During these internships, their contract with the university is suspended and they receive a personal salary from the company. Our group does not receive any money or other benefits from these internships.

Past funding

In the past, our group has received funding from the following publically funded research projects: