How to find us

Tübingen AI Research Building, Maria-von-Linden-Strasse 6, Tübingen

Our group is based in the Tuebingen AI research building, Maria-von-Linden-Strasse 6, 72076 Tübingen. (link to google maps). Note that we are NOT in the city center NOR at Sand (where the major part of computer science is located) NOR at Morgenstelle (where most of the natural sciences are located).

Traveling to Tübingen

  • By train: Take the train to Tübingen main station ("Hauptbahnhof''), here is the link to the page of the german railway (in english).
  • By Plane: Fly to Stuttgart Airport (STR). Then take bus line 828 from "Stuttgart airport" to "Tübingen main station" (runs about once every hour, takes about an hour). You can look for connections on the on the german railway page. You can also take a taxi from Stuttgart airport to Tübingen, but this costs about 60€.

Tübingen main station to the Tübingen AI research building

  • By public transport: At the train station, take the local bus line number 3 in direction "WHO (Waldhäuser Ost)" get off at stop Sternwarte. This bus runs every 15 min, and it takes about 15 min from the train station; link to the local tranport page. Our building is located just around the corner and has a sign saying ``Tübingen AI Research Building''.
  • By taxi: From Tübingen main station by Taxi, takes about 15 min, costs about 15€.

Within the Tübingen AI Research Building

Our group is located on the 3rd floor: take the right corridor when you get out of the staircase / elevator, and then a left turn. Ulrike von Luxburg's office is at the very end of the corridor.